Prelude in F Minor

Curated by G Koop & O-Man. All synths by O-Man.

Part of the Switched On SRS Stem Kit Series, Graham Richards AKA O-Man has skillfully replayed this Bach prelude. Inspired by the classic Switched On Bach Records by Wendy Carlos, this prelude has been re-intrepreted on G Koop‘s collection of far out sounding analog synths. Clocking at 84 BPM this kit is full of rich textures and dreamy synths that will fit into a multitude of production styles.

Instruments include: Sequential Circiuts Prophet 5, Arp Axxe, Yamaha CS01, Custom Pads (6 separated tracks total)

Below is an example of a beat using the sounds from this kit.

$15.99 – Add to Cart Excluding 9% tax

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