Prelude in C Minor

Curated by G Koop & O-Man. All synths by O-Man. Bass by G Koop

Part of the Switched On SRS Stem Kit Series, Graham Richards AKA O-Man has skillfully replayed this Bach prelude. Inspired by the classic Switched On Bach Records by Wendy Carlos, this prelude has been re-intrepreted on the classic Juno 106 synth and is rounded out with Fender Jazz Bass. At 70 BPM this kit has everything from staccato glitches to smooth leads and is ready to chop and flip.
Instruments include Juno 106 basses and leads, Fender Jazz Bass,  (8 separated tracks total)

Below is an example of a beat using the sounds from this kit.

$9.99 – Add to Cart Excluding 9% tax

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